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pannati sneha @sneha_29

I am in love with a guy . I love him very much. Before I was into this relation. I had some past stories and I did not told him about them, he came to know them now. And he was very upset with my past and not caring about me much. He started torturing and he started enquiring about my past in detail and during this time of period , he told me that he had some stories in past and i accepted them. But he is not at all accepting me and behaving very rude with me. But I wanted to convince him and want to live with him. What do I do now?

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anuj @anujvohra

Discuss with him and get it sorted.other wise move on夷t will be good for both of you

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Joy @joyforlife

Guys are always more judgemental about girls in a relationship in general. You did wrong that you didnt tell him the truth before.
And if he loose interest in you, he will only use this topic to leave you and blame you only. Without trust any relationship cant grow. Hope you both understand that sooner or later.

pannati sneha @sneha_29

He dont trust me at all. Even if I am online without permission of him. He will blame me. Yesterday we had a fight for I am being in online.


But I want him . I want him to accept me


U should say anger to him and ignore him so he can understand ur value so do it



Dibyendu Paul @rittik1_102

You talk to your partner face to face . Why is he doing this? Where you have accepted your partners past, why cant he accept it? And if he treats you badly because of your past. you dont care Then leave him Because when he loved you, he loved you without knowing your past.


How can you tell if I was in your place Im just fine


You fucking need to get yourself out of that toxic relationship, even tho you love him, you feel like you cant live without him, but once youll breakup you will feel much much better, go out explore people you can accept you with your past and not degrade you


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