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I am in fwb with my ex boyfriendโ€™s best friend for a year, i might have feelings for him, and i guess he also have feelings, when i asked him once he said that he doesnโ€™t have feelings, but the way he looks at me and gets insecure if i am with other guys, tells me another story.
He drops me hints that he loves me, but i am afraid that if i ask him again he would tell me that he doesnโ€™t have feelings. And it would hurt me alot. What should i do? I like him too much to ask these questions

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dhanashee @dhanu31


You do not need to put a label on all relationships. Just tell him u have feelings for him and that he doesnโ€™t need to feel the same right now. See how things turn out. Some guys are afraid of commitment. Tell him u are not looking for anything serious right now and that u guys should spend some time together to find out how u guys really feel abt each other


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