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I am in class 11th and in my tuitions I have this guy whom I have this huge crush but I have no idea whether he reciprocate the feelings or not, we have just talked rarely and that for borrowing a pen or stuff. Although, I know that he will not feel same because I am super fat and ugly and not at all attractive or interesting.

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P @deepthoughts

1. Nobody is ugly.
2. You should focus on your school.
3. If you still like him by the time you pass school and you think there is a chance, go for it.


Dont self reject. Also if he cant look at you beyond your body , he isnt the one. Dont attach your self worth to it.

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chaithu @chaithu

Firstly , Crush is not a big thing now a days and secondly speak up your heart , he may either talk to u or never again , but eventually u will move on cuz u will accept the fact that he is not at all needed in your life , and please dont feel insecure about yourself , your looks doesn’t matter much when the opposite person has a good heart to see it , it all depends on the perspective of the person before you . All the very best and keep going girl , Take care❤️

Kemi Rulu @kuhu

Firstly hii cutie, you are not ugly and i just know it. When it comes to crushes i think its better to tell him your honest feelings, dont hide it. Whether or not he will not like you back is in his interest, but you will be glad one day in the future that you expressed your feelings. Take some time and shoot your shot who knows what will happen. So dont sit back and regret it like me :( and just do it gurrlll!!!


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