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I am in a very difficult situation right now. My family is planning for my marriage. They are inviting family members and relatives for a small gathering and fix the date of our wedding coming thursday. But I have no interest in this marriage. I feel like dying because i am not able to share my feelings with anybody. I am feeling depressed with each passing day. I wanna shout and say that i am not interested in the wedding but i have no courage and afraid that people would judge me. I am afraid because nobody would understand my situation instead they will involve in psychological warfare with me.
I don’t know what to do.
Its paining a lot to hide my true feelings.

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Pankaj Kumar @crazyguy3495

Hey I think it is arrange marriage so see first talk with your fiance or whatever you call him and than talk with your family too I know they wanted to see u happy but look you need to speak and please try to be independent financially that will give you some stand and yup you need to fight with your own family it is like kurukshetra and it is happens if you want freedom than you need to fight and that is all


Ofcourse its a arranged marriage. But i am not financially independent now.

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Pankaj Kumar @crazyguy3495

Look it is important to financial independent and you know it really effective in these kind of arrange marriage and calm down and try to talk your parents and maybe they agree you and maybe later you will financial independent and then you can choose anything you wanted

Sanket @sanket

Take some time out.
1. Think about what is it that is making you uncomfortable for this marriage.
2. Gather courage, manage to get a private space with your parents. Place your points wisely. Tell them about your situation. Be clear.
3. Don’t think about the people! Kuch to log kahenge logo ka kaam hai kehna. Venting out here is not an actual solution, you will have to face your parents & the situation. Others aren’t the ones who are gonna live with you. The only people you should care about are the ones who are present in your small world.
4. Also, talk to your partner. Tell him very clearly. If you are comfortable in taking help then ask him to help. Ask for his support if possible.
5. Dying every day after marriage or fighting once for a better situation? Think about it and act wisely. You will have to FACE THEM with or without support.

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