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Prashanth @transform_now

I am in a space where I know whats happening to me, I feel I know what i need to get out. However, don’t know what i am waiting for to take the next step…Don’t know what’s stopping me…Is it the fear of loosing moments, control and joy from instant gratification such as smoking & drinking…Is it the fear of past relationships which scares the hell out of me to even try a new one.

I often get bored of things very soon, I loose interest and continuity or consistency is something I often struggle with…The goals I set are always larger for met to achieve in the time I set for myself even though I know realistic goals is one of the solution…

I am way too hard on myself…my expectations from self once again is too big for me…and i often set myself for failure

Having said all the above, I want to give another try to myself…this time with a little more courage from self and i would like to ask for all your help, if you can…During this journey, I too would like to be available to just hear you and help ways I can, if that makes you feel a little better

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