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I am in a situanionship and its getting anxious day by day. I want to detach from this person but things have gotten so far. i know it has to be done early but its taking time and how. I can’t believe in the name of getting love and validation i always try to normalize things. i dont want love to be like this, i cant talk to anyone about this cause everyone thinks that I am stupid. i dont know it is too heavy. Why cant someone love and respect me the way i want it to be. Why i lose myself. Its getting worse and worse.I am literally so cool. Why i am in this shit.
Why is evverything so unnatural. I have never gotten an i love you in these 27 years. i dont want to wait now. it sucks i do so much,in reurn i just need love and all. He never loved me will never also. He doesnt even deserve any part of me. Everything is all about image for him.i am overthinking i wrote cutie on this picture and he deleted the comment ; i know his family and his clients are on the gram but in the past few years he posted pictures nobody commented in this manner but only emojis but if he deleted the comment he should have told me na. that was only fair. i dont know i am in a spiral. i just want someone to include me in their life. i dont know i feel like a loser from everywhere. i dont feel like i am winner or have done something exceptionally good in my life.

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You can share your insecurity with me. Maybe he being to much obsessed with his image outside


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