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I am in a serious issue that is hurting me a lot everyday…My bf since a few days has started talking to me about suicide n that he may suicide in future…though he talks to me seriously his tone of conversation is in a playful manner.He has started hurting me with his mean words with an intention that i would myself breakup from the relationship, so that he can suicide without any guilt.Though i feel really hurt i am afraid that he would take a wrong step…i dont know what to do…i had talked to him a lot many times asking the reason for his negative thoughts but he doesnt tell me anything…One day i got really afraid n asked one of his friends to talk to him without him knowing about this…To make him believe about the situation i had shared a few screenshots of his conversation with me about suicide…after few days i told my bf about these things n he was angry.Now he insists on me to delete the everyday conversation between us…i asked his friend’s help only because i felt that more than his privacy his lyf was importnt to me n i was afraid…i feel really hurt in this relationship but i dont want to lose him…Everyday i live with this fear of him suiciding…Today is my birthday but i did not feel any happiness inside…just feeling more n more afraid…Someone pls help to tackle this situation…i really dont know what i shud do…😖

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Please talk to some professional psychologist/counsellor about it before its late. If the impulses are high, then he could harm himself.
Ofcourse the step you took in importance of his life more than privacy was right.

Talking to a professional will help you to understand how to help him and By counselling his way of thinking about himself could definitely change and slowly by the time these suicidal thoughts will vanish.
Many counsellors are available online, you can talk and consult to them.


Is there any website where i can find counellors?..Here there is no one nearby


Yes there are, you can check these out, (this is a paid service website, I’m not sure if they provide a trial now or not, but please try out, this is good).

These are the two persons with whom I had some interaction, both are good.

you might also find this article helpful:

I hope this will help.


Yes,this will help…Thank you


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