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lost somewhere @lost_somew...

I am in a relationship with a girl but I still miss my ex. Let’s call my current girlfriend A and ex girlfriend B. A has already informed her parents about me and she wants to get married, B has been trying to get me back and wants to marry but just that I am in a relationship I have been saying no to her but when I see how much effort she has put into fixing the relationship I feel she deserves that chance and fix everything and marry her but at the same time I have constant fear that A will get hurt badly because she also put effort. I feel I should kill myself do that these emotional traumas will get over. I feel if I don’t exist then both of them have to move on their lives and see other people to stay with. I just don’t want to hurt anyone. But it seems like I am going to hurt either one of them.

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Asunder @asooh

Ok the way i see it is, A is the one who’ll be torn to pieces if you don’t choose her because clearly shes serious about you and is invested in you. B on the other hand might be hurt a bit but she’s history so she wouldn’t be as hurt as A. If you choose B, A has every right to be upset but if you choose A, B has no right being upset, she lost it when she lost the gf tittle… And if i were A I’d really wouldn’t appreciate my bf talking and comforting an ex that he still loves, the fact that you still love her wouldn’t please me at all🙅

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This thought has been deleted by the thought author

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