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I am in a relationship and we both are studying in a professional course in a place together, we both are in same class, we joined this course as we will get job after this course. We don’t like the environment here, I am so obsessed with my gf and I am always low I don’t like to get up in morning, I don’t feel like going to classes, I don’t want to listen to lecture and I expect the same from her, and when she get more mark than me and when she listen to class and answers the question I get jealous and I mock at her and make her loose confident. I also feel jealous when she talks to other boys in class and I start ignoring her. I feel all this because I am alone and only depend on her I stopped talking to others after coming to this place

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Hi. So I’ll give you a girl’s perspective on this.
My ex-boyfriend was also like this and had become obsessed with me in the last year of our relationship. We had dated for 4 years. We used to spend a lot of time together but it was never enough for me. He used to get jealous even if I used to meet my GIRL friends, let alone boys. He used to put me down and make me feel like I can never get anyone better than him. I used to feel very low and had no confidence. That really broke me. We couldn’t work out our relationship and it ended after 4 years. After we ended it, he was very upset and felt alone because he depended on me.
But, after he got over me, after like 3 months, he approached me and told me how much he has grown as a person since our breakup. He has become more mature and more independent. He doesn’t depend on anyone anymore, doesn’t spend all his time on me or any other girl and focuses on himself and his career which he didn’t used to do earlier.
I’m not telling you to breakup or anything. What I’m trying to say is that try to learn from my ex’s experience. Try focusing on yourself and your career and profession. Make yourself your first priority. It will make you feel so independent and liberated. You will have a much better and secure relationship with your girlfriend then.
Hope this helps! All the best


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