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I am hurting. I had finally told an adult my biggest secret. Now I have to talk to the police. My moms boyfriend molested me for 5 months this year. he is 41. I had finally told on him. I am worried that I am going to lose my mom. My mother believes that he is the best guy ever and that he thinks of me as a daughter. I dont even think of my self as his daughter because of all the pain he has put me through. Not only did he molest me but he also drugged me. I was only 16 when everything was happening. I was afraid to tell anyone because, I was afraid he waas going to molest my little sister. I remember waking up to her saying dont touch me to him. I freaked out on him. I told my mom about what i heard. I dont think she believed me. I cant even tell my own father because the same thing has happened before and he didnt believe me. I dont know who to turn to for support. I live in a group home. the people who work there are there for me but im not sure whats gonna happen. I dont want to get him in trouble. I just want to find closure. My depression has gotten terrible since i have bottled everything up. I had even gone to selfharming cuz of what i have been through. Im too afraid to tell my counslor because I am scared to tell her anything.

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OK, you need to talk to someone, I’m super proud of you for coming here. For closure and the safety of yourself and everyone else, tell the police. Tell them, I know it’s hard and it’s scary I was in a similar situation, but I know we both need to tell the police. Don’t hurt yourself hun, you deserve love, not pain, and if you’re hurting yourself to feel I promise you there are other things to feel and other ways to feel them. Don’t give up, don’t give in. Tell the police, and try to explain it to your parents. If that doesn’t work or you aren’t safe, take your sister and stay with a friend. If you need to talk to someone, I’m here. Idk how much I can help, I’m only 17 but I’ll do the best i can :)


Im 26 …my father molested me for many years…until I finally told my mother. Evenso, I feel like I didnt reach out for help until it was a bit late… Dont let anyone put you in fear…its not fair its not right…it has happened its not your fault…dont feel guilt for someone who hurt you. You should tell as soon as possible. It’s your life and you shouldnt have to hide a wrong-doing of ANOTHER person…please tell someone and do all you can to tell yourself you’re worthy because you are.

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It started with me when I was 6.


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