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I am glad i found this site. I think I might go crazy otherwise. Ive been posting about my pregnant sister. She told mom she doesn’t have to abide by the rules anymore, and dad agreed with her. Alot came to light in the past few days. Dad knew she was seeing the father. He even took her there. He knew she was “doing it”. He has been lying to mom. She was supposed to be going to therapy only at the time, and he was taking her to his house. She was grounded for her attitude/disrespect. Part of grounding is not seeing friends. We have house rules about dating and sex. My sister is very immature and disrespectful as well as lazy. She is also a self harmer (why she is in therapy).
I don’t see how she is going to be able to raise her child. She has decided to keep it. My older brother is moving out as soon as he gets a call back on an apartment. He got in trouble for having sex, and lost his cell phone and keys. She was having sex, more than once, and nothing happened. Her getting pregnant is ripping my family apart. Mom is talking about a divorce at this point, and my brother is moving out. My younger brother isn’t speaking to anybody because he is hurt and angry. Its very scary right now, and I have nobody to talk to about it.


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Hi dear, I am so sorry that you are in the middle of all this and going through this…how old is your sister? See, ultimately it is her decision to keep the baby or not…and nothing you or anyone else will say to her will matter at this point…but yes I do agree with you that your father could’ve told this to your mother rather than keeping it a secret and taking her to his house…did you guys ask him why he didn’t tell you all?


She’s only 15 with a bunch of issues. He claimed he didnt know what was going on. I said 2 months ago she looked pregnant, and it was denied. I think they both knew all along.