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I am getting suicidal thoughts I just feel like dying due to career and I joined here so that I can vent out without anyone judging me I just don’t want to live anymore

5 replies

divita @160302

Hey you are a great person. Don’t ever underestimate yourself. You know your potential live upto that. Leave everyone everything and think about yourself what is good for you and what makes you happy.

Gowtham @gowtham235

Hey everything pass on like a cloud, just be patient with the time being

Jithu Joseph @johana

What would you get from your death?


what would I not get?? everyone will be happy my parents and everyone

Ammu @ammu123

I was there in your position. Multiple times. And everytime it passed, i was like really…!!! Did i think of dying over this stupid thing.
So yeah, it’s just a phase. Could be anything… but it will pass surely. Just be strong and think of good things that happened to you. And people who loves you and cares for you.


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