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Sandhya @sandhyamurthy

I am from karnataka and I know guy from almost 7 years and we are in relationship with each other from past 5 years and we are trying to convince in my home from more than 3 years now and my dad has only one thing to say “how can you expect me to accept such lower caste guy in to my family”, when he tried coming home he did not let him come in. Last week when i tried more they started threatening me telling We will do something for ourselves, else we will stop taking medicine for BP and diabetes. I really care for them to. I’m really worried. I have hoped my parents will agree seeing me getting aged(I’m 30 now) but till now there is constantly “NO” because my dad thinks they belong to very lower caste I belong to bramhin orthodox family and he belong to vakkaliga(gowda). I’m really going through sleepless nights and getting anxiety problem. Any suggestion would be really helpful.

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I understand it ig u should keep your parents together and talk with them. Tell them everything u wanna say, everything thats in your heart, be open to them and try convincing them that the caste doesn’t really matter what matters is your happiness i am sure they will think about it when it comes to u and ur happiness. Dont talk about these everyday with them it will look like u are forcing them to say yes take it slowly and patiently and talk to them as your friends

Sandhya @sandhyamurthy

Thanks a lot for your response.
I will share few more info, I have an elder sister,I approached her she said NO and complained to my parents telling " if I get married to him then she will face insult in her in-laws place" so my parents are not even talking to me about it

Sandhya @sandhyamurthy

If I start talking they will avoid and they will tell they will leave home if I get married to him


First of all its your life and its about your happiness and your choice its nothing to do with ur sister in laws so dont care and just do what u want and try ur best to convince ur parents


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