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i am from india , i am a boy but i love crossdressing.
love wearing women stuff and inners all.
giving something different feel when wearing those.
but i am comfortable with both male and female dress.
but i love wearing womens cloth when i wear i am relaxed i am feeling stress less

especially wearing inners and soft cloths but i dont have that type cloths. but similar to that.its my own secret.
didnt share to any one. Today i am shareing with you guys
i am scared of if someone know about it i dont want to do that i want to be my own secret.
but why mind always ask me why i am wearing this.
i want know that is that my problem or any thing else?

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Simran @st1199

It’s not a “problem”. You love wearing those because you feel good in it. You are of this type. Just google up which gender this leads to and you will be able to identify yourself clearly.

In India, we are scared to show our identity because we all have a mainstream thinking but there are also who support it and I am one of those. We can stay quiet for a time period and hide it from everyone but one day we need to reveal in order to feel free.


Google ‘transvestite’ :). And no you are not alone. This society is stupid lol.


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