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I am first year of college and i hate it already. I see everywhere around me people have made so many friends and I haven’t made any. I put so much effort but the other person doesn’t reciprocate to that . It hurts me when i am always the one putting efforts. I am always just an option for others never a priority

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Sharan Uthappa @lighthead

That’s college for you. Sucks but hey, everyone’s going through the same sh*t.


I have been through it myself, and maybe its your time to learn to enjoy your own company. Im a strong believer that being by yourself is so much better than people who make you feel alone/misunderstood. Trust me, you’ll be fine and you’ll come out stronger and happier than all of them by the time college is over .

nirban @nirban

You have to give all your priorities to yourself. Then try to become someone who has an indifferent attitude toward having friends or not having them too. If you can be like this. Only then people will value you. First give value to yourself.

This thought has been deleted by the thought author

I have gone through this stage and still processing it.


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