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I am feeling very overwhelmed. Since i want to defer my year for online studies and now i would have six months to again do nothing. I got a good percentage in my 12 but still left with a point fot taking DU admissions. i am completely lingered on and feel completely useless and hate myself for the situation i am facing. I just wanna be sure that can i defer my offer letter from australia or not? and ifnot then what would i do in this idle time?πŸ˜”

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thanks for sharing you problem
i understand that it might be difficult for you to take this decision and because of this covid situation where everything is so uncertain it might get even more difficult. but just know that whatever decision you take, make sure you are happy and satisfied with it and won’t regret later.
also even if you don’t get into any institution as such still you can always learn on your own and do online courses and stuff and gain knowledge. try to calm down, it’s okay, choose what suits you the best and this is not the end infact this is just the start for a very long way ahead
all the very best
take care! <3


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