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Vickie @torika

I am feeling very exhausted, tired, confused and want to just scream out to the world. I actually want to cry right now.

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Oh why what happened


I just found out I am expecting, when my little one has just made a year and I have this very busy job that can’t let me breathe. Then dealing with first trimester escapades, with all the nausea and mood swings. My hubby works long distance so I am the one running the home. Picking kids from school etc. I am tired


Congratulations on the good news. Try to bring along with your parents if possible to manage work or get a help,maid…My best wishes to you…


Thank you. My mum passed 2yrs ago.


My mom also passed 1.5 years ago. I can understand…my condolences on the same… Take care. I am sure you will be a proud mother


I am so sorry to hear that. It can be such a difficult trying moment. It’s moments like these that trigger me back to that grief. If she were here, I would not be on this platform seeking for help


Yes definitely true…it’s moments like these where would not have come here…Good wishes to you…thank you for understanding

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anuj @anujvohra

Thank you! Good luck and take care of your child

JAYANT @jay7860

Pls don’t be sad, take care ur the only support of your kids, try to be happy pls


I am trying to hold it together but I feel overwhelmed. My sons have been sick, and I had to juggle all that with my super busy work and morning sickness. That’s what triggered this whole anxiety and panic, plus the feeling of wondering when I will ever find time to rest

JAYANT @jay7860

Pls feel free and tell whatever possible help I can do?


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