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Nush @nushki

I am feeling very anxious, there is some kind of fear in my mind and I am very very uneasy, last night I couldn’t even sleep, I feel like crying, please help me out.

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HR537 @hr537

Idk may be share what the fear is? If you share maybe others can give inputs

Nush @nushki

There is no particular reason, I fear of losing someone I have negative thoughts about it although everything is fine but still I can’t get this feeling out of my mind, I am fed up of this.

HR537 @hr537

Then reduce your thinking on losing him. Think about your ownself and how you can be happy in life. As you think so will be your life so dont think that ways yar

Debjit Biswas @debjit

When I feel like crying I cry. It help me decomposed some of the emotions and I feel sane enough. Dont hold your tears.


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