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I am feeling trapped. I feel like talking to no one because it is just getting difficult. I used to have such an engaging life地ll was so good在ut now this lockdown has stretched on for so long. It feels like夷 am losing the person i love the most because of this distance. I finally found someone who is so good多e too appreciates me like a perfect partner should在ut were stuck in this circumstance. And hes in a job that requires him to stay for months and months away from the country安ere not getting the time we deserve地nd it gets to him地nd i feel so helpless. I am also becoming so hopeless about it. And now i feel like i should just fucking isolate myself from the world. I dont need anyone.

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Hey love, its okay, rather than thinking about this and having anxiety, why not talk it out? Talking works wonderss. We can have random chit chat too, and trust me youll feel much better, and Im pretty comforting too, want to give this a shot? How about insta? Cant stay here for too long na.

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Sanjay @knowshowitfeelslik...

Why are you thinking like that夷f he comes back in months
I think you just feel insecure about your relationship

Just make sure that he likes you back as you do
Maybe this helps :)

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