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I am feeling so lost. I guess it easier to hide all your feelings than to let anyone know how you really feel. I keep telling myself that I am not a failure and I try to keep a positive mindset. But today, I dont know what to think anymore. I just feel so lost. I have no one to talk to. I guess its easy to vent out online coz no one knows who you are. I am so fed up with life that my mind feels like exploding anytime soon. I feel so lonely like nobody understands me and no one knows because I always put that happy face in front of my family and other people.

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I feel the same. You know I just want a person in my life who listen to me, understand me, who know who am I. Everyday keeping your feelings inside is not making feel good. I very eagerly want that person in my life. I can’t keep all the things inside me any more.

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Never give up @ava

life is tough.when you feel and read others pain here or listen by someone definetly you will forget your pain.same as you are now I was .I also want to share my feelings someone but I was not want to tell someone who scold me,make me come online there no one know me.


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