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I am feeling so down. I’ve been living a fake life. I just realized and accepted my own frustrations and anger. I was always with a happy face in front of others but it wasn’t the real me. And now I can’t hide it anymore. But it is coming as a vulcano and friends are asking me what is going on, why I am changing. I am 28 and I feel that nobody knows me truly and it is all my fault. I keep asking myself, will I lose them? How it’s gonna be my life being myself? It is the unknown. I feel weird, but at least I am being myself, because I was tired.

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Tina Chawla @tinachawla

Hi. It takes immense courage to bring out your true feelings and put them in action, so just know that I’m proud of you. I understand how it is so incredibly frustrating to feel like you’re not real in front of people. And, no. It is not your fault. No one hides themselves if the situation and people are accepting. I think you couldn’t find that so don’t blame it on yourself. I think you should speak to a professional. It will be extremely helpful.

If you want to do that, hit me up and I’ll link you to a few therapists in your city. Hope this helps.



Thank you very much. I’ve beem speaking to a professional recently, it helps me but I am still struggling with that. I still have this need to talk about it. Thanks for talking to me.


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