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I am feeling sacred. I am gonna start working at my previous university where me and my ex use to study together. Everyone knows about us dating all over professor and junior’s and I’m scared that when I go there for work and he comes to know about that, He would try to meet me and talk about the break up and everything (we broke up on phone during lockdown) or might create some scene at the university and spoil my reputation and make me look like the bad person in the relationship. I have been really low on self confidence and also have social anxiety and I fear people will judge me constantly and I am scared. I have been an introvert all my life it is difficult for me to make friends and on top of that I feel insecure because of my weight issues. I constantly feel that people will talk behind my back and judge me. I am scared that he would come and make a scene there and I might loose the job because of that or I might have to go with him and talk about all that so he doesn’t create any scene at university and he would make me miserable again. He had done that before, taken advantage of my social anxiety and treated me like shit. I know the more I will be scared of him the more he would take advantage of it but what should I do I am really scared and insecure, how can I stop felling this? I can’t have 100% confidence within few days it will take time to built I know. Any advice please I can really use it.

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Hey, don’t lose your confidence. Who are you scared of, people, they’ll never stop no matter what you do. You will have to ignore them, they won’t stop criticizing. It is what they are meant for. I know you have heard this a lot of times but it is the reality. All those confident successful people you see around you have done this (ignored people), otherwise they wouldn’t have reached where they are right now.
Watch some films of confident savage girls who overcame there social anxiety . I know this may sound lame but trust me it sometimes help us gain confidence and courage.
Prepare some answers to slam on people’s faces, you know what they are gonna ask you (because that’s what you fear). So be prepared when you have time , when you are prepared you automatically feel confident.
If you are really sure that your bf is going to create a scene then talk to him before only, because you’re gonna feel more miserable if you let that happen in your workplace, so it’s better talking to him in private.
I hope you cope up with this thing well, lots of love and confidence to you❤️


Thank you so much Ayushi❤


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