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I am feeling relieved and somewhat anxious today…
After 2 years of wasting my life on PCM, I realized that I won’t be able to enjoy this as my job and found my true passion in Geopolitics and Political Science but now the main problem with me is that I have to talk to my parents about it, and I am not very good at talking to my parents, so please If u have any tips do feel free to share and help.


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Hey there, I am really glad that u found what u really wanna do and what u actually enjoy.
And telling ur parents this may seem hard and I get it.
First make sure ur parents are like in a good mood and like are free then Start with telling them u have something to talk about and well try explaining them that why doing something u have no interest in is just not worthy and u can tell them that it’s not always about having that good luxury lifestyle because one day after doing MPC even if u have that it’s of no use because u will not be happy with whatever you will be doing and how doing something u actually like gives way better satisfaction than something u hate.
U should explain this to them very patiently and calmly .
Hope this helps
Good luck.


Heyyyy, first of all I’m SO HAPPY you found something you love before getting way too deep into the wrong stream!!! You know, not everyone gets to be as lucky ;)
Second, I know you must be feeling anxious about telling your parents, but know that everything happens for a reason and its all going to work out in your favour :D
Sit down calmly with your parents and try telling them very gently about how upset studying pcm makes you. Tell them it’s not where your heart is and tell them about how passionate you are about political science. Explain the scope; like how Shashi Tharoor also majored in the same subject and how you’ll actually be qualified to work in the UN with a political science degree. I know it sounds a little too ambitious but whatever it takes to convince your parents, right? :)
Promise them that you’ll do a good job because its your area of interest and tell them how happy pursuing Geopolitics and Political Science makes you!!!
I hope this helps, and I’m soooo happy for you :)))))
Allllll the very best, I hope your parents agree and I hope you excel <3