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I am feeling really stressed right now. I said something silly and unintended while talking to my GF and now she is suspicious of me and avoiding my calls. We had been through a lot recently and it has only been a few days since she started to talk to me again properly. And now because of this silly slip of tongue, she is bothered and is not receiving my phone call. I would never lie to her or cheat on her. I am telling my mind that she will call me, but then again I can’t focus on anything fearing that what she might have thought. And it might effect on how she will talk to me again.
I am too tensed right now.

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How long have you guys been together? Also, did you say something offensive or bad? That made her bothered and not wanting to talk to you.

But in my opinion you should let things be for a bit. Because don’t push her to talk to you because she maybe end up doing or saying something she didn’t mean. So whatever you told her, tell her that you are truly sorry and give her the time she needs to think and just “be” u know…
also, don’t worry too much because things will for sure work out ^_^.


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