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I am feeling really sad and can’t stop crying, I have been crying the whole night and still the tears keep rolling. I broke up my 7-year relationship as it was getting toxic or maybe it was already very toxic and I realized that now. I loved him and maybe I still do but I know he isn’t right for me, I am trying to move on but failing miserably. After my brake up I started talking to one of my Male friend and we really connected and talked about all my feelings and breakup and we even sexted. We both talked to eachother all day everyday since we both were stuck in lockdown and I realized I am avoiding the pain by talking to him and shutting my feelings somewhere deep down inside me and I know it’s not good for me and I started keeping distance from him and today he(the friend I have been talking to) was sad and I was trying to cheer him up and was talking about missing peopl and I said stop missing and start living and he said that “maybe you can forget people easily but I cannot” and it hurts me after that I didn’t said anything and left the chat. Since then every feeling I was burying inside me is coming back I ended up reading my chats with my boyfriend (ex), it was mostly fighting in that chat it was right before we broke up and I don’t know why I am missing him a lot and even thought of calling him but I didn’t because I know I would regret it later. I don’t have anyone to talk to about my feelings and I don’t know what to do? My life is a complete mess right now, no job because of covid and no friends to talk to as I was too busy with my ex boyfriend and didn’t made any friends and I can’t share my feelings with my family as they don’t know about my boyfriend. I just need somebody to talk to about what all I am feeling please someone help me.

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Heyy, we’re always here. Please don’t be so harsh on yourself. First of all I’m very proud of you for realizing the toxicity of your relationship and giving it up. I’m proud you prioritized yourself first and not the relationship. Matters of heart take time to settle down. 7 years is not a joke and I know you had put in a lot of efforts. After a break up it’s very very normal to flirt with another guy and get close to him. It’s okay buddy. But listen to me, you don’t have to shut feelings for him by taking a rebound or anything of that sort. The feelings won’t go away easily. It’ll take a lot of time, maybe a year or more. You need to let out your emotions, do not suppress them okay? It won’t be easy but you have to be strong and trust me, give it time. Time will heal everything, okay? Keep yourself busy. Engage in different activities. Dance, sing, meditate, cry when you want to, laugh… just let it all out. Be stable and don’t fall back. Break up is very exhausting but remember you’re not alone. Everyone faces this. Text the other guy that you need some time, you need your own space, a little time to heal. Text him you don’t want to be unfair to him and make him a rebound. Tell the other guy what you feel and I’m sure he’ll understand. Please do not talk to your ex. Do not stalk him. Do not do anything of that sort. If you’re sure you don’t want to go back to him keep him out of your life. If by any chance you want him back, think about it peacefully okay? Think about why you ended the relationship at the first place? If you think you still want him, talk to him properly. Negotiate with him. Listen don’t be hard on yourself. This is a difficult period but won’t last forever. More strength to you.


Thank you for your kind words I feel much better now. I am trying my best to heal and love my self.


I know it will hurt badly. But we have to cope up with it. You know at night when we get alone i too cried and read his text. Then it will hurt more because of the memories. So it’s better to delete that text. I even called my ex many times and he didn’t even pick or message me. It broke my heart into million pieces. So I understood that he didn’t even care. So don’t being that fool who cried for him who didn’t think we exist in their life. He moved on. He will get new girlfriend. Don’t waste your life on something that is not worth waiting for. The person in front of you will never understand you unless you express it. Talk to them. Even cry if you want to. Then only he can understand you. Then you will connect. I wish you will get someone worth waiting for and fulfill all the dreams you wish you could get.
Be happy not for anyone else but for you. Smile more it will make you even more beautiful.
Love from me


Thank you 😊


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