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I am feeling overwhelmed and stressed because in my history class my teacher doesn’t answer my questions about the work we do during class and she answers other classmates’ questions but not mine. The zoom chat is private, you might be wondering how I know if she ignoring me or not, well every time she gets a chat she says " oh there is a question in the chat". Then she reads it but never answers. Before I had this teacher other students were saying she is racist, I’m not sure if she is but I am Mexican so it would make sense if the teacher was.
This is not my first time being ignored in classes by teachers, this also happened in 5th grade by Mrs.Murphy and Mr.Syeven when I was called a Bitch by my classmate and Mrs.Murphy didn’t do shit about it…and I was humiliated by Mr.Steven which I can’t say because it’s hard to write about.
I was also ignored in 7th grade by Mr.Price, I failed his class because every time I had to ask something and raised my hand he would purposely avoid that side of the classroom I was in, and if he looked he didn’t call on me. When I’d go up to him and ask him directly he would say sit back and wait or he would ignore me in front of the class and talk to the other students, I was struggling a lot in that class.
I really want to cry and scream right now out of stress and frustration but I can’t, I really hate teachers because I don’t feel safe or accepted, I feel like I don’t fit in. My mom told me to record my history class and ask a question even if I know the answer and to do it for a couple of days and if she keeps ignoring me which I’m fucking tired of my mom will talk to the office.
I really wanted to get this off my chest but I still feel stressed.

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I don’t know what to say or how to help. I’m white so i’ve never had to deal with that disturbing bullsh*t disgusting people hurt others with. I don’t know how to help, only that you deserve an answer. You’re not alone, I know that much. Sorry I can’t help. Stay strong mate <3


Thank you, It’s the thought that counts, and I will try to say strong💪

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Mx Shay @sxkurxchxn

Hi… I’ve never been through this… because I’m asian and I live in my own country so there aren’t any racist people that i know of… But I would say listen to your mom’s advice
If you feel like crying you should because I personally feel like crying will make you feel better because you get to let out all the anger and pain

Lemme know If what your mom says works out and Have a nice day!


Yes, Ik I should cry to let thing’s out, and I do want to since I have been very sensitive for a while and I’m not like that. But I have no privacy so everything has to be bottled up.
Thank you have a nice day too.👋

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Mx Shay @sxkurxchxn

Hmm… If there’s always someone in the room… ask the person to go outside because you want to change your clothes? Because it’s not good to have ur feelings bottled up…


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