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I am feeling mixed emotions of sadness and happiness. Somewhere I am happy being alone and somewhere I wanna talk but don’t know where to start. I am at a phase right now where I wanna live my life on my terms but somewhere there is a part which says that I need someone.

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MS @mit___

You can say anything. Anything at all. Whatever you feel like.

BLISS @bliss_27

Hmm…I understand your situation. Bcoz once I was also in the similar situation like yours. And I feel most go through this journey. Not everytime you’ll feel happy or positive…of course life has its own way to test us.
So I feel being isolated for some duration makes you more mature. It’s my opinion bcoz you get more time knowing yourself truly. Just forget whatever tough situation you’re in and focus on the things that makes you happy plus you love doing those. It can be any of your hobbies or simply sitting and observing your thoughts. And the truth is the situation never makes you happy or sad…it’s us who take those situation either in a positive or negative way. So everything starts from our own thoughts. As we all are more accustomed to negative thoughts so that becomes our reality.
Hence just accept and don’t expect more…bcoz I thing I realized that more is the expectation…less is the satisfaction.
So accept yourself fully, love yourself, pamper yourself and spread love too.
Don’t think too much…bcoz we often think of things which are absolutely not true at all.

anonymous @dilpreetkaur

True and I try my best to cut off negativity but sometimes u know it feels so heavy inside that we don’t want to think but still that thought popped up.

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Pranav @pranav888

I would say! Just Speak up! It doesn’t matter if you know or do not know from where to start! From my experience I have learned that the only person we need to find is staying within ourselves! Take some time out for yourself and seek within!

PUJA ROY @pearlofsea

I also face same problem


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