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I am feeling low from 2-3 days… i dont know why… i feel i dont know even what i feel 😅

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Riya @riyadey

I know that feeling. Have been going through it for about a month now…had a few crying episode too.
Know that you aren’t alone in this…hope you feel better soon

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Sneha Anand @sneha08

It’s really okay. It does get confusing, sometimes as far as you acknowledge it, it’s fine. 🌼


I understand. Sometimes you just don’t know what’s going on with you and that’s totally okay.
I relate to that on a personal level.

You’re not alone.
Write your thoughts and express…don’t be so hard on yourself…love yourself…believe in yourself and be kind to yourself.

You deserve that❤️
I’m so proud of you.

Take care✨

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Kaira @kaira114

It happens i can feel it , yet never forget that tomorrow you are going to be fine.


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