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I am feeling lost completely. I have been fighting with pornography ,since I was 14yr. I have no control over myself I hate it ,but I don’t know why Iam not able to help my self .It’s is costing my life, productivity and everything. I am also about to lose my job, since I don’t have self control . All people who know me consider me to be innocent,but I am not. Sadly
I have tried many times I don’t know whom to share problem with,it’s a shame,shame and a big shame for me. I don’t what I am doing to my life carrer. I need help …

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porn addiction is a real thing and it requires therapy. There are many documentaries online about it.

Anandi @anandi09

I am glad that you’re acknowledging this. Anything which causes a hindrance to your normal functioning of day-to-day life needs to be catered too. I’d suggest talking to a professional in dealing with porn addiction. Not just the physical aspect of it, it affects your perception of sex in general too. Please consult a professional.


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