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I am feeling lonely!! I got married recently and after a couple of days my husband went abroad since then me and my husband are in a long distance relationship. It was all okay because we were connected on phone and everything but since last few weeks he doesn’t give time at all. He takes cares of everything that I need but he doesn’t have time for me. I have no idea how long it may take for me to be with him. I don’t wanna leave him because I love him a lot and I can’t say anything to him because he might get upset. And even if I talk to him he gets rude and then apologize after few minutes. I am unable to understand what should I do.

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Hey, I’ve never been in a long distance relationship but I’ll just try to give my two cents. Best way to work anything out in a relationship is communication. It’s the key to any problem. Always try to put yourself in the other persons shoes and understand his situation as well. Maybe work is stressing him out, or he’s feeling homesick. Try to get everything on a lighter note, maybe try something naughty. Plan a surprise for your husband on video call. You can try getting him a little relaxed, get him to open up and then discuss these issues. Hope you’re doing okay because such issues can drain you as well. Take care of yourself girl. Don’t get too anxious about it because all relationships can have a slump or rough patches. Take care sweetie. Lots of love and I hope everything works out for you.


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