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β€ΊAnger Issuesβ€ΊThought

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Sheza Sajid @escapevelocit...

I am feeling like am absolutely left out that no body wants to talk to me that I cant get my work done I have boards in A MONTH and Im drowning in deadlines and whats bothering me is that I have a fucking mother who is consuming me whole into this disturbingly hyprocitic charade thats shes pulled off all her life and she wants me to be a part of it in simpler terms… Its my dads birthday I havent spoken to him in months and Im not going to start now by wishing him. I dont want to be a part of this at ALL and to get out we gotta study but that is also not happening I am looking for distractions as usual for my coping mechanism and I couldnt go out yesterday because of maa! AND I absolutely hate the fact that lamiaa flaked on ME. Dev is having the most busiest vacation clearly and amongst all this I CAN NOT GET MY WORK DONE! which is making me fucking mad why cant I just keep up with the dealines:(

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