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I am feeling leftout
I talk less…so sometimes when in group people ignore me…that is hardest for me…I feel very sad

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Your are not left out , you are just an introverted person .
And an introvert person always feel like some one is ignoring them
Introverts prefer quality of relationships over quantity .
So don’t be sad just talk to the people who are close to you
You will start feeling better …! 😁😁😁


Hi there,
Just like you, I’m an introvert too.
Also let’s agree that each one of us, at some point in our lives, have felt leftout. But life continues right?!

I’ve also felt what you’re feeling today, I’ve also been worried about people’s opinions about me; but that was long ago. Because after that I realised that nothing people say matters because they don’t know me, they don’t know my story, they don’t care if I’m hurting or happy.
If these “people” you talk about are not with you in your tough times, then why does it matter what do they have to say. You’re actually better off without them, because if they were to stay in your life they’ll only get negativity along with them.


i have been to 14 different schools and i have always been the one who is left out i know how you feel :( after a while you think you would get used to it but it keeps hurting the same, the thing is we cant do anything about it, we have to accept and love ourselves, i still havent been able to do that but im trying to learn


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