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I am feeling irritated, people cant just incriminate someone when they do the same shit. Its annoying. yea i message on the internet when I am not supposed to because I am reaching out for help. But they are talking to their boyfriend and some shit. its annoying as fuck. I am tired of how people treat best friend just died a week ago and they still treat me like shit like wtf.
I just want to be treated nice for once in my life. i want someone to truly care for me but my expecatations are way too high.

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Hey sounds like you are going the a very tough time… Sorry to hear about your friend.
Some times we have people around us with whom we might not be able to connect so much, it happens alot. We meet many people in this world but have meaningful friendships with only a few. Since you had this meaningful friendship with someone you know what I am talking about. It’s hard to find people who resonate with you and truly care about you, but the important thing is never to give up. Be patient and always remember to be close to your family. They will be the best people to understand your feelings and treat you with respect


are you OK? Wanna talk?


on the first basis ,why do you keep expectation???
calm down dear,be strong life is sorted dont make it complicated by keeping expectations


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