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β€ΊSuicidal Ideationβ€ΊThought


I am feeling hopeless since yesterday. It feels like not aligning with the society is so bad that you end up committing suicide. I feel terrible taking wrong decisions and making choices which made me happy. I feel hopeless seeing injustice everywhere.

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Talk to your friends about things that are coming to your minds. Recall the times when someone praised you are appreciated you. Recall in what field you are good at & days when you are a reason for smile in other persons. Make your self stronger mentally.


I think your talking abt Regarding Sushant Singh Rajput suicidal case.
Okay how much ever he may be good in his life but it always doesn’t workout with that perspective
Life is not always about how people are seeing you
It is all about how your are running it .
People may see only one side of it , but you will only understand when it comes to you and how many sides your facing it .
I know that Suicide is not a solution but we don’t even know what exactly the problem was .
Problem is small or big will be decided only on the circumstances that your standing up on .
So please think before you do something wrong , they are many relationships connected to you …! πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚


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