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i am feeling guilty and need someone to talk .

it something not bad but serious at the same time and i wanna see if it only me .

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Hey! Feel free to share anything with us man, tell me


Thank you I would love to talk to you about it.


Go ahead , I am available.


So my mom gave me her old phone and I made a promise that I would not break it cause everyone I have always broken it or mess it up.
This one I miss it up and she still had her data init and it was important to her and she asked she could transfer and it was missed up.
she started to ask did I break. She found out I broke it.
the reason why I feel guilty is for not telling her the day after it happen and I made a promise not to miss it or break it and which didn’t work.


It’s okay sometimes things happen unintentionally. It wasn’t your fault and what is done is done you can’t change it now. Apologize to her and do some household work haha she’ll forget it eventually.


Thank you so much that helped me and hahaha you are right

love you …


Good to hear that. And well there are many more things to be stressed about hahaha

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