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I am feeling frustrated. Day by day I am getting frustrated,I loose my temper everytime. I am started shouting on parents. I am feeling weak too. Not having job, Not having money is my point. I am searching job badly, but not getting any reply from recruiters.
every single night I cry automatically, Its my habit now.😔😔😔
I dont want to shout at them, but I cant help my self. I am literally crying while typing.
I am just helpless. I never shared my feeling to anyone.
I dnt know what I will do to my life.
All I can say I am just helpless.

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U r not helpless u just thinking that way try to calm your mind and think then do


I cant calm my mind. I dont know. I just cry everytime.


Ya it’s happen but try to analyze just crying doesn’t let u go anywhere


I am trying.


Going through same 😑


First of all thank you so much
for creating this post n opening up about the way u feel…
I have gone through this
Rather still going through
6 years post my graduation
I was jobless
Today too I am paid very low…
Those 6 years have been a very rough phase of my life…
I too used to get frustrated
Rather still get frustrated
N unfortunately take it out all on my parents
Because i have no one else…
So yes
It happens
Very hard to deal with
Contacting prospective recruiters
Getting no response from them
Breaks the heart
It pinches…
Can totally feel u…

But let me share with you some lessons i have learnt
1)Stress and overthinking makes things worse for u…
2)ur mental health affects physical
Thus ur abilities and productivity reduces…
3)comparing ur life with others is the worst thing one can do to oneself
4)Quitting social media helps a lot…
5)Try to keep urself engrossed in other activities still u find a suitable job
Learn something new
That can help u professionally too
6) Job hunt is emotionally,physically n mentally draining so pls try to absorb ur mind in something else too

Pls be soft on urself…
Give time some time
This too shall pass…
Donot worry
Keep trying ur best

The job market due to pandemic is in very bad shape…

You may take up any small assignments or internships too…

Good luck
Have full faith in urself
God bless
Take care
Stay safe


Thank you for your comment. I guess it will help me.


What did u graduate from ?


Computer Science


Oh ok, I was thinking to pursue that as I finished my 12th what’s ur opinion ?


If you are passionate about it then you are good to go!!


Well I’m in the same boat I lost my job to the fact that i was too many seizures on the job. And I cry an I worry what I’m going to do and how i’m going to do it. But you know we got to keep the faith that everything will work out so don’t give up eveything is going to come soon and you’re never helpless.


Thank you for your words.

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