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I am feeling extremely tired and exhausted. This body feels so heavy everyday. I have this tiredness physically and mentally as well. I don’t know why I think too much about every little thing which gives me intense headache. I feel alone. I don’t know how to deal with this craving for someone to take care of me and be there for me without worrying about the world. I wanted to be someone’s priority… Well…I am a hopeless one now.

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Gagandeep K. @gagandeep_ka...

Hey, hope you’re doing okay…

I know it feels difficult, it feels lonely when being surrounded by people because sometimes all we want is MY PERSON.

But I also believe that before moving ahead to get that MY PERSON aur few people who would care for you, make you feel wanted. YOU NEED TO MAKE YOURSELF WANTED BY YOURSELF. I mean you need to make yourself that you need you, you like you, you want you, your experience & perceptions are important to you,etc.

When one is alone, it’s the perfect time to reflect upon many things, your thoughts, emotions, liking disliking, perceptions, reactions etc.

Not that I’m saying that you don’t know. You know but try enjoying your own company so even if the time comes later when you would have no one, YOU STILL WOULD HAVE YOU.

take care.

If you feel like connecting, you can reach out to me as I’m a counselling psychologist.


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