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I am feeling extremely low right now. I feel so stress and i don’t know what can i do. There are a lot of things waiting for me to do but i have no motivation to do it. and i am afraid of the things i do will not meet my expectations. i really put a lot of pressure on myself…

however, i really hope the one who is reading this, take good care of yourself and be happy and safe! :D

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hey, I know what you mean by the expectations we put on ourselves. I do this too. Im an all-or-nothing sort of person. Either I’m motivated to do everything or I don’t do anything at all. And when I’m doing nothing, I feel guilty because I’m not meeting my expectations of being productive.
So, I took a 1 week break from work and tried to not feel guilty about it. I tried to teach myself that balance is required in life and I cannot let my productivity define if I have a ‘good day’ or not.
Please try to do the same, it really does help.


Thank you so much for sharing! Definitely I will give it a try! :)

Take care~

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