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I am feeling anxious and having panic attacks.
I was talking to one of my aunt yesterday.She has a lot of money but uses a very cheap phone.One time I said,lets go…I will buy an iphone for you.She said okay.I told her that I don’t have any money and when I will have money I will give her iphone.I said that for being nice.I don’t want to give her iphone.She has a lot of money but doesn’t use them.She hasn’t gifted me anything ever.I said that out of nowhere that day.
Now I am having panic attack thinking what if she wants that phone when I will have money.I really don’t want to be used by her or anyone.I am afraid of the situation when she will want that phone.

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You do not need to get panic for something which doesn’t exist and stressing about it is useless relax and calm your mind because nothing happened like that and if it will than that time that situation but know that if i were you i would tell her on face that when you don’t give someone something you shouldn’t ask as well and tbh i also did it feels so good.


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