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I am feeling alot of wrath towards my biological father. For the disgusting man and person he is with lot of unresolved trauma and his actions… anyways…I came from out. Was talking to mom in the drawing room, he came n shut his room door and I didn’t like it I got so annoyed for some reason.

Then despite the room being shut, I heard him lighting a cigarette with a lighter in the room. I got so pissed off, like really annoyed. That man is disgusting n inconsiderate…my mom keeps on requesting him to shut the tv…she needs to sleep n he keeps on watching tv n lighting cigarette there despite other shit he does

I felt so bad. His every action n thousand things are a trigger for me later on. I use lighter to light agarbatti, incense sticks n sage in my room…now I feel so triggered at the thought/sound of lighter with his addiction+inconsideration.

Feeling helpless at his addiction and annoying complacent habbits.

Hating it to the core. Will probably try my best to chill out for a bit and get to work. Amen

I hate addictions. Oh god
But gotto distract my mind…I will :) may God bless me

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