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trigger warning
i am facing trouble with watching gay and straight porn. i hate it but i am not able to cut out this bad habit from my life. i feel that it is affecting my studies.
also i am not able to concentrate on my studies due to my tablet where i end up googling so many pointless questions that randomly pop up in my head. please help me in any way possible

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It’s not wrong to be curious. It’s alright. Watching porn is not a bad thing, but yes only to the point that it shouldn’t be affecting you. Set healthy time limits for your usage, put an alarm. More than that make up your mind that you want to reduce your time devotion to them. And try to do other things offline that you like. Anything else that can distract you. Playing a sport, or an instrument or watching tv or anything that you feel can take your mind off of it…I feel like once you have recognised that there is an issue, you have solved a very big part of the problem…because now you know something’s not right and that you need to change it.


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