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I am facing all the troubles continuously
One after another
My parents we unhealthy till this month
I surved them completely
I suffered mentally and also physically
They are okey now
But I’m not feeling well ,
I thought to take long rest
But I’m having examinations now
Doctor told me to take complete rest for 3 weeks
But I’m attending to my exams
I’m happy that I’ll complete them by tomorrow
When I’m feeling low my dad came to me and told : always happiness and sadness comes like a chain . Now u faced complete sadness but u are still strong . Don’t worry u will get a lot of happiness in return . This made my day ❤️ dad’s are the best motivators . I love my dad

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Hey. That’s great to hear that you survived all of this with such flying colours. Super proud of you. Yes, you’re absolutely right parents are truly irreplaceable. Wishing you the best of health. Take care. :)


Thank you dear !


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