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I am extremely addicted to caffeine. I need atleast 5-6 cups of coffee everyday and if i don’t consume this much, i start to get jittery and anxious and nervous and i get headaches.

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Shubhang @shubhang

That’s me as well^

Siddhant @siddhantraisikand

Hey there, our bodies adapts to the amounts of caffeine we consume. Initially 1 cup would get the job done and now maybe even 5-6 doesn’t seem to give that kick. And the effects you are facing are due to the caffeine crash which happens when your body becomes too dependent on your high dosage of caffeine that you start to get those feelings. Caffeine does increase your heart rate which may be the reason why. I’d say start tapering the consumption down, usually i’d say take 1 week break, completely caffeine free but as you said if you don’t consume that much you start to get those effects. So try every day lower it down to 4 for Two days then 3 for the next day, and also one more tip, you can replace those 2 cups with green tea or Chamomile Tea, it also has very little caffeine but also other positive effects which i think can help you. It can act as a relaxant which i think could really benefit you. Hope this helps! :)

Afreen @afreen

This is sooo me even I used to consume so much caffeine during my boards.
But recently it started affecting me physiologically.
That I got stomach infection because of caffeine.

Gaurvi Narang @gaurvinaran...

Oh no, that is something to be worried out. We should not be too dependent on anything. I think you should gradually decrease your caffeine intake.

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Simran Patel @simranpatel

Hey, not an expert but take little steps everyday to overcome this problem. Reduce your intake gradually. I’m sure it will mitigate the addiction if not eliminate it.


RELATABLE. I consume coffee whenever I am BORED


Thank you so much for your insights Siddhant! Really really helpful.

Thanks shubham, anon, afteen and gaurvi!


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