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I am emotionally not ready for any kind of romantic relationship, I in an emotional overload I’m literally holding onto my sanity by a thread. The only thing that I can think about to distract me and give me a glimmer of emotional hope. Is thinking about being in a relationship because I’ve been in one for so long now that I’ve divorced I don’t know who I am alone. As sad and pathetic as that is, thinking about someone loving me and not dying alone, fills up my a big part of my head. Focusing on myself is the hardest thing to do.

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Hey!! I’m divorced too! I can totally relate to what you are going through? I agree its not easy to focus on yourself but what I would tell you is to not block yourself and go with the flow. When you try to control your thoughts too much, you end up feeling this way.

My dear friend, I hope you realise that you are strong! You came out of a relationship that your weren’t happy in. So have some faith in yourself. This shall pass too.

Go out with friends! Take a break from whatever you are doing! Go on a vacation if you can! You need this!


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