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I am dating someone but even then there is another guy who’s in one sided love with me. Even tho, he knows about my relationship, be expects stuff from me, loves me so much, and keeps telling me his feelings again n again. I have absolutely no feelings for him, But hurting him hurts so much. He’s already depressed due to his family issues and I’m adding his pain. He says he can’t love me any less, and i can’t help him. I don’t wanna hurt him anymore. You think there’s any way out?

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thanks for sharing this
managing in such a situation can be difficult, i totally understand
i would say that if you aren’t interested in him, let him know very clearly yet politely and if it still continues to be same then redraw your boundaries with that person and know that you aren’t responsible for everyone you also have your preferences.
and if you feel like your friend is not doing well you can always be there and let him know that seeking help is absolutely okay and it only helps making things better.
take care buddy
all the best <3


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