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I am dating a guy who loves me a lot and he is a very nice guy. But somewhere I am struggling to like him back equally or even close to it. I have problems with his superficial traits which should not matter in a relationship, such as height, walking style, eating style, etc. This also is affecting in the act in bed, I don’t get much sexually attracted towards him. Which I believe manifested from the fact that I am attracted to only toxic people but I get repelled by nice and good people. I really believe he can be a good partner and he values, loves and appreciates me a lot. But I am unable to follow through. After two months we gonna be in a long term long distance relationship, which scares me thinking that I might get attracted to someone else. And I know loosing him is gonna be a great loss for me. Please please please guide me how do I deal this situation?

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Hi dear
If your heart believes he is the right guy don’t get away from him. You will eventually start liking him. If you find, he can make you smile than this is the one you want. Sexual desires will slowly fade away in a year or two, what lasts long is your happiness.


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