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I am currently in on and off relationship dating a guy since 3 years he was my best friend before that but now things are like this he doesn’t talk to me nicely like if something goes wrong he will start talking to me in his rudest tone when I ask him where does he gets from he tells he is using this tone for the one who deserves this but I don’t deserve this kind of tone!!

Now I’m a girl and my mom and dad is literally worried about my marriage and he is not earing anything right now and how can I tell my mom and dad that I want to get married to him. They have literally spent alot in my studies and everything and it’s about my future. Now he is starting his business which will take more than 10 years to settle things now… He tells that I’m very worst girlfriend who can’t wait for 10 years for him to grow. I can but what about my parents I should make them suffer like this? ☹️ I’m in so bad state my parents upset with me my love life is totally out of balance. I can’t sleep at night I cry sitting alone.

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anuj @anujvohra

Have a face to face conversation with clear expectation setting. Decide if you wish to wait for sometime or not without blaming. Setting up own is a new path with lot of risks,.may be he is worried about that. sure you both can find a middle way. Takr care


When he’s not treating you right dont even think about getting married.

You deserve respect love care and protection from a relationship.
You find someone with these qualities

If you want to discuss it more connect with me


If he is not treating you well now then what is the guarantee that he will treat you well after marriage? Now you said about his workload that he is busy that why he behave like this then I would like to tell you that you and any mentally stable person can understand that ok he is busy but that excuse is not enough to justify a rude behaviour, Now he is asking you to wait 10 years nd a girl can wait also if she get the same love and respect from their partner, always remember one thing in marriage or relationship both the person are equal , no one is inferior or superior if you give respect nd love you will receive the same , so if you love that person nd feels that he also love you then talk to him , communicate with him , tell him about ur feelings nd if he understands then it’s good otherwise you should think about yourself nd the person who loves you the most in this world your parents.

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Shraddha M. @shraddha_mang...

I can imagine the dilemma you must be going through. Respect & healthy communication are a must in any relationship, and when a relationship becomes strained these 2 factors are two blame primarily. You’ve mentioned that he needs 10 years and he might be feeling pressurized because of the same. However that still doesn’t justify disrespect. Likewise, you need to identify your priorities, needs & wants so that you communicate them with your partner & see if you’ll are willing to come to a middle ground. Place boundaries for the disrespect. Feel free to reach out to me for a counseling session so that you have a safe space to vent and gain some clarity going further. Best wishes 🌻

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Pushkar @pushkar254



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