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Anonymous @swank_whale_2

I am currently in a serious relationship since 9 years but now we are having fights everyday over little things like i think he is not interested to talk to me but when i talk about ok then we can have breakup if you doesnt want to me in your life then suddenly he was like no i love you … etc but now i don’t understand what will i do in future because i love him and i can’t leave but also i can’t live like this .

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it’s time for the good ol break up. :)

wishdow @wise_sunbeam_3

Can we talk?


He will break up with you. If you don’t break up with him

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David @davidcr7

Perhaps you both are just trying to get understood. Fights generally happens when both are expecting something from each other at the same time. It can not be said with certainty whether he loves you or not . Well, but just because he is fighting with you these days, doesn’t necessarily mean he want to leave you. Perhaps he is struggling with something or perhaps you both are.
The thing is, you have to decide consciously what is better.
You have spend 9 years with him, why not first look for the reason?
Why not search for something that can save this relation?
Well, what if, you both are overthinking at the same time about matters that may be trivial?
Well, after thorough judgement, if you find something concrete which would reflect negatively then perhaps you can leave him.
Atleast then you would have a reason to not look back.

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David @davidcr7

There is another thing I would like to add.
Do anyone of you compare each other’s life in which you do not play a major part ?
Well, if yes, then you not just the person who is doing that but both have to seriously talk about it and share how you both feel. This comparison may be the core reason you both are fighting.


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