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I am crying. Its cold. My body. My throat. My breath. My room. The wind. My legs. It feels as if it’s going to turn my broken heart cold. I don’t want that. But, it’s 11:42pm and I can’t bring myself to accept that he is gone. He is never coming back. He has left me. And I am closing that door. It is the right way. It is the only way through which I can save myself. But I am seeing that relationship drown. Just drowning. My most precious thing is dying, and the only thing I can do is make it quicker by burning it with my own hands. It’s hard. My heart is in pain. I have a last wish for that relationship. I want to spend one day and night with him. I want to look at him just once. Hold him just once. Just one more time I want to watch him sleep. Touch those lips. Kiss those fingers and make him blush. Just let him embrace me in his arms, let me run my skin again his, just let me feel his warmth, just be little little less harsh on me. Just one last time. Let me hear his heartbeat, his breath, his voice, his body. I won’t ask again. This once, only. It will be enough for lifetime. My love. My love. Always be happy and healthy. Live a long long life, laugh, smile and blush, and change you stupid kid! How much longer we are going to let our subconscious mind play with our lives? How much longer will you keep on being like this? I am changing. I am. But I hope and wish you find your path too.

Saranghae oppa. Always. Everyday. I am grateful for you.
Yours, truly, mandly, crazily. Yours.

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Simran @st1199

You are going through many emotions right now. It takes time. I am here to listen!

Let all your feelings vent out so that you feel light and calm mentally.


Yes, thank you. Just there’s so much love from my side… it is sad :(

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Simran @st1199

It’s said one person loves the other person more always. I assume you are that one. haha

I believe go through some messages here on the website about breakups and how people are responding to it. You will find a solution it.

Breakups hurt. No doubt. You want to get back even if you know it’s not right. I understand. There is so much in mind that it takes hell lot of time to process things. I agree. Everything takes time and in the same way thinking how to move forward than backward will also take time. Absolutely.

Start with ignoring him. When his name or memory passes just say to your mind, “why do i have to think about him, let’s do something else”. Everytime you have a thought say this to yourself. Slowly your subconsious mind will accept it and it will improve.
Then, rather than opening his chat and scrolling down, talk to people instead or read a book or scroll social media. This way you are trying not to hold onto his memories but diverting from it.
As time flies, talk to yourself. Have a chat with yourself, “Till when am I going to sit like this, crying for him, thinking why I had a breakup in the first place etc etc” you will have answers to it and trying to move on with life with prioritizing yourself and your work first. You will see that you tend to think less about him but more about yourself.

Try these and I am hoping it helps you out!


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