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I am bi and the number of people who have made the threesome jokes is innumerable. I have cried my eyes out at nights because of the way they ridicule who I am. Sometimes I wish I were straight.

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Noo, don’t wish to be straight. You are perfectly normal and you don’t need to change yourself. Just accept yourself, being bi is not a sin nor it’s something to be ashamed of. The day you accept who you are will be the day when everyone else’s opinion on how you should be or how you are will cease to matter.
Hope this helps

No one 111 @jarul

You are exactly who you are supposed to be. You can’t fight that nor should you. Bi erasure is a really problem and you are valid and worth a lot.

Kashika @kashika

You know what? It’s really crazy. Being bi, being a lesbian or being gay is not something to be ridiculed. It’s a choice, and it’s a preference. It’s a way of living. Others do not have any right to condemn your way of living if you are comfortable with it. Please never let the words and actions of other deter your faith and strength. You are much more than that, much stronger xo


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